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The EU Health Security Committee was set up in 2001 at the request of EU Health Ministers as an informal advisory group on health security at European level. The Committee is mandated to reinforce the coordination and sharing of best practice and information on national preparedness activities.

Member States also consult each other within the Committee with a view to coordinating national responses to serious cross border threats to health, including events declared a public health emergency of international concern by World Health Organisation in accordance with the International Health Regulations.

The Committee further deliberates on communication messages to health care professionals and the public in order to provide consistent and coherent information adapted to Member States’ needs and circumstances. It is chaired by a representative of the Commission, which also provides the secretariat.

Health Security Committee activities

Priority issues

  • detection and communication – preparedness requires timely detection and rapid distribution of information to relevant stakeholders.
  • threat and risk assessment – HSC collects data on threats and risks from relevant EU agencies, and shares these with national authorities.
  • preparedness – HSC seeks to expand national capacity for preparedness by offering technical assistance and guidelines.
  • scientific advice – responding to a public health crisis requires rapid mobilisation of experts, and expert opinions are shared via alert and communication systems.
  • crisis management and testing of plans– with the help of national authorities the HSC has developed protocols and guidelines for best preparedness practices and has tested emergency plans through several exercises.
  • cooperation – HSC supports preparedness across sectors and internationally, supporting and promoting the WHO International Health Regulations and creating links between alert systems across Europe and more globally.
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